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    What is Eyelash Lift?

    A lash lift is designed to elevate and darken your natural lashes, resulting in a beautifully balanced and effortlessly enhanced appearance. This cosmetic procedure involves using a specialized solution to lift and curl your lashes from the root, providing a subtle yet impactful lift that accentuates your eyes.

    Eyelash Lift Cost In Pune

    Eyelash lift price in Pune is ₹2,500/-

    For those searching for the best eyelash lift near me, our clinic provides competitive and value-driven options for fuller looking lashes.

    Recommended Age 

    The recommended age for an eyelash lift procedure is 21 years and above.

    The procedure’s long-lasting effects are often more predictable for individuals aged 21 and older due to stabilized lash growth. Factors like skin sensitivity and overall health also influence the optimal age for the eyelash lift procedure.

    Recommended Frequency

    Usually, one session is sufficient for the eyelash lift procedure. The recommended frequency can vary depending on individual factors such as the natural lash growth cycle and personal preferences.

    Conditions Treated

    While it is an amazing treatment for achieving a natural look with beautifully curled lashes, an eyelash lift procedure in Pune can effectively address the following concerns:

    • Straight or Downward-Looking Lashes
    • Lack of Curl
    • Sparse or Thin Lashes
    • Unnoticeable Lashes

    Reasons to Consider an Eyelash Lift Treatment

    A sought-after option for those desiring an efficient lash enhancement, a lash lift treatment in Pune delivers instant results, offering a naturally lifted and defined appearance. 

    The advantages of this treatment cater to multiple facets of your lashes. Here are a couple of reasons to contemplate opting for a lash lift near me:

    • Enhance Natural Curl: Achieve a natural and lasting curl for your lashes.
    • Opens Up the Eyes: Create a more lifted and open-eyed appearance.
    • Low-Maintenance Beauty: Enjoy a fuss-free solution for daily lash enhancement.
    • Darker Lash Appearance: Add depth and definition to your lashes without mascara.
    • Customizable Results: Tailor the lift to suit your desired level of curl and lift.
    • Long-Lasting Effects: Benefit from results that can last for weeks.
    • Effortless Beauty Routine: Eliminate the need for eyelash curlers and extensions.
    • Suitable for All Lash Types: Effective for straight, downward-pointing, or sparse lashes.
    • Quick and Non-Invasive: Experience a swift procedure with minimal discomfort.
    • Natural-Looking Results: Achieve a subtle yet impactful enhancement for your lashes.


      Eyelash Lift Procedure at Avanti Skin Clinic in Pune

      The lifting eyelashes near me procedure at Avanti Skin Clinic in Pune involves a simple 5-step process:

      • Serenity Cleanse: The procedure begins with a gentle cleansing of the eye area, preparing the canvas for the lash magic.
      • Silicone Elegance: A silicone patch is then applied onto the eyelids, setting the stage for the lash metamorphosis.
      • Curling Symphony: The natural lashes are then curled over and attached to the rod with an adhesive to set the lashes.
      • Lift Potion Magic: A lifting lotion is then applied to allow the lashes to mold around the curling rod.
      • Setting Elixir Finale: The process is then finished with a setting solution to secure the lash shape—a final touch to this captivating enhancement of your lashes.

      Right from cleansing to the application of the setting solution, every step in the process is a luxurious ritual, especially designed for an eyelash lift. Elevate your self-care and confidence with a lash lift near me in Pune. Discover a simple yet enchanting transformation for your lashes! 

      Preparation Required for an Eyelash Lift Procedure

      To prepare for your appointment for an eyelash lift service in Pune, we suggest the following:

      1. Ensure the eye area is free from makeup and cleansed.
      2. Remove contact lenses, if applicable.
      3. Avoid using oil-based products on lashes before the appointment.
      4. Communicate any allergies or sensitivities to the technician.
      5. Relax and enjoy the pampering experience!

      After Care Required

      Following your eyelash lift procedure, it’s essential to adhere to proper aftercare for optimal results. It is suggested to:

      • Avoid makeup on lashes for 24 hours.
      • Refrain from water contact with lashes for the initial 24 hours.

      Risks & Side Effects of a Lash Lift Treatment

      While lash lifts are generally safe, it’s crucial to be aware of potential risks and side effects.

      1. Possible redness or itching.
      2. Allergic Reactions: Patch test recommended.
      3. May result in an unnatural look.
      4. Slight stinging sensation during the procedure.
      5. Possibility of asymmetry in lash appearance.

      To minimize these risks communicate any concerns or allergies and follow proper aftercare instructions.

      Why Choose Avanti Skin Clinic for an Eyelash Lift Treatment

      • US-FDA Approved Equipment: Guaranteeing safety and effectiveness with equipment approved by the US-FDA.
      • State-of-the-Art Technology: Experience the latest advancements in technology for optimal results.
      • Personalized Patient Care: Receive individualized attention and care tailored to your unique needs for the best eyelash lift near me.
      • Affordable yet Quality: Enjoy a high-quality eyelash lift service at an affordable rate, ensuring value for your investment.

      Details of Booking a Consultation with Dr. Avanti

      Begin your path to obtaining natural looking beautiful curly lashes by scheduling an affordable consultation with Dr. Avanti. Explore a seamless fusion of top-notch skincare and budget-conscious choices for an unmatched experience. If you’re looking for the best eyelash lift near me, schedule a consultation to explore personalized solutions tailored to your needs for an eyelash lift treatment.

      You have three convenient options to schedule your consultation with Dr. Avanti:

      1. Contact us by calling +91 8010840653.
      2. Reach out on WhatsApp for quick assistance.
      3. Fill out the form and expect a prompt callback.


      Reveal the Difference: Your Skin's Story in Before and After at Our Skin Clinic in Pune

      Your Skin's Story in Before and After

      Discover the transformative magic at Avanti’s Skin and Laser Clinic in Pune. Before your session, discuss personalized goals with our experts. During, experience cutting-edge treatments tailored to your needs. After, witness subtle yet powerful changes that redefine your radiance. Our before and after sessions capture the essence of confidence and beauty. Trust us to bring out the best in your skin, ensuring a journey that goes beyond the session.
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      Frequently Asked Quesitions

      What is a eyelash lift?
      An eyelash lift is a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the natural curl and appearance of the eyelashes. A lash lift curls your lash from base to tip so that you can see the full length. The result is a brighter, more open-eyed look that can last for several weeks. The procedure is a popular choice for individuals seeking a low-maintenance way to accentuate their lashes.
      Are eyelash lifts safe?
      Eyelash lifts are generally considered safe. However, like any cosmetic procedure, there are potential risks and side effects. To minimize risks, it's essential to choose an experienced technician, follow proper aftercare instructions, and undergo a patch test before the procedure to check for potential allergies.
      How much does an eyelash lift cost?
      The cost of a lash lift treatment in Pune is ₹2,500/-
      Where can I get an eyelash lift near me?
      To find an eyelash lift near you, you can explore local beauty salons, spas, or specialized lash studios. Additionally, you may inquire at dermatology or aesthetic clinics that offer lash enhancement services.
      Do lash lifts ruin your eyelashes?
      When performed by a skilled professional using quality products, lash lifts generally do not ruin your natural eyelashes. However, improper application or using low-quality products may lead to damage. It's crucial to follow aftercare instructions, avoid rubbing or pulling on your lashes, and choose a reputable technician to minimize the risk of any adverse effects.
      Can I use eyelash curler after lash lift?
      It is generally recommended to avoid using an eyelash curler immediately after an eyelash lift. This is because the lift sets the lashes in a curled position, and using an eyelash curler may disrupt the shape. It's advisable to wait for at least 24 to 48 hours after the procedure before considering the use of an eyelash curler.
      Which is better eyelash extensions or lift?
      The choice between eyelash extensions and an eyelash lift depends on personal preferences and desired outcomes. Eyelash Extensions is ideal for those wanting longer and fuller lashes, extensions involve attaching synthetic lashes to individual natural lashes. If you prefer a more natural appearance with enhanced curl and definition, an eyelash lift may be suitable. Ultimately, the decision hinges on your aesthetic goals, maintenance preferences, and the level of drama you desire for your lashes.
      Can you get eyelash extensions after a lash lift?
      Yes, you can get eyelash extensions after a lash lift. However, it's generally recommended to wait for a few weeks to allow the natural lashes to settle into their lifted position.