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Skin Diseases Treatment in Pune

At Avanti’s Skin and Laser clinic, Aundh, Baner, Balewadi, Pashan, Wakad, Pune, we treat all types of skin diseases including psoriasis & eczema, skin infections, allergy & urticaria, scars treatment, acne & acne scars, rosecea, vitiligo and white patches, removal of skin tags, moles, warts, cyst removal. Call on +918010840653

Skin Diseases


Vitiligo is a skin disorder in which the pigment cells die (melanocytes). This can result in discolored areas on the skin, hair, and mucous membranes, as well as other parts of the body. Vitiligo (say vit-ih-LIE-go) is a condition in which areas of skin lose their color.


  • Skin discoloration

  • Complete loss or fluctuation in the color of the inner layer of the eyeball

  • Premature whitening or greying of scalp hair, eyelashes, brows, or beard

  • Discoloration of the tissues lining the interior of the mouth and nose


  • Heredity

  • Autoimmune disorder

  • Genetic oxidative stress imbalance

  • Exposure to certain harmful chemicals

  • A neural or viral cause


  • The outcomes differ from one person to the next and are also unpredictable. Although there is no cure for vitiligo, several medications and therapies can help to improve the look of the skin and level out the tone.


  • We can treat your Vitiligo with our Homeopathic medicines by taking a detailed history and knowing the root cause for the same.



Warts are noncancerous skin growths that affect youngsters more frequently than adults. Warts have the potential to spread to other parts of the body as well as to other persons.

Signs and Symptoms of Warts

  • The following are the most common types of warts and their related symptoms:

  • Common warts: – Growths around the nails and on the back of the hands that have a rough surface and are grayish-yellow or brown in color.

  • Hand and foot warts: – Located on the soles of the feet (plantar warts) or the palms of the hands (palmar warts) with black spots (clotted blood vessels that formerly supplied them); mosaic refers to clusters of plantar warts; can be unpleasant.

  • Flat warts: – Small, smooth growths that can emerge in clusters of up to 100 at a time; most commonly seen on children's faces.

  • Genital warts: – They grow on the genitals and are sometimes sexually transferred; they are soft and do not have a hard surface like other common warts.

  • Filiform warts: – These are little, long, narrow growths that often develop on the eyelids, face, or neck.


  • Prescription topical (skin-based) creams

  • Excision: shaving off the wart

  • Electrosurgery: Using an electrical current to eliminate the wart

  • Cryosurgery: freezing with liquid nitrogen



Psoriasis is a skin ailment in which the body produces new skin cells in days rather than weeks. You may notice thick, scaly areas when these cells pile up on the skin's surface.

Psoriasis is a life-long disease

Psoriasis affects the majority of people for the rest of their lives. With one exception, this is true regardless of the type of psoriasis you have.


Guttate (guttate) psoriasis is a kind of psoriasis that affects youngsters. Because psoriasis is a chronic disease, it is beneficial to learn about it. 


Psoriasis can be controlled with little information. You can see clearer skin by acquiring control. Taking control can help you feel better, enhance your overall health, and keep your psoriasis from getting worse.

What causes psoriasis?

  • If you have a parent, grandmother, brother, or sister who has psoriasis, you are more likely to develop it.

  • Psoriasis is not contagious. You cannot catch psoriasis from someone.

What can trigger psoriasis?

Common psoriasis triggers include:

  • Stress

  • Infection, such as strep throat

  • Some medicines, such as lithium, prednisone, and hydroxychloroquine

  • Weather, especially cold, dry weather

  • Tobacco

  • Alcohol (heavy drinking)


We can treat your psoriasis with our Homeopathic medicines by taking a detailed history and knowing the root cause for the same.

Fungal Infection

Itchy spots, tiny bumps on the face, back, and shoulders, scalp irritation, nail discolorations, whitish areas on the body, and other symptoms can all be signs of a fungal infection.

At our clinic we provide in-depth consultations for resistant fungal infections, microscopic diagnostic techniques, and medicines.

Fungal Infection

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