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    Salicylic Peel Treatment in Pune


    The chemical peel is a popular skin peel treatment in which medical grade chemical solutions are used to remove the older layer of damaged skin to reveal a healthier and younger layer of skin beneath.

    This treatment is highly effective in treating various skin concerns, including acne, acne scars, uneven skin tone, and dullness.

    Are you looking to rejuvenate your skin and achieve a fresh, glowing complexion? Salicylic peel treatment at Avanti Skin Clinic in Pune could be the solution you’ve been searching for.

    Salicylic Peel Treatment Cost in Pune


    You may need 4-6 sessions depending on the severity of your condition. Our doctors will work with you to create a plan for optimal results.

    Benefits of Salicylic Peel Treatment


    • Acne Treatment: Salicylic acid penetrates deep into the pores, breaking down comedones (clogged hair follicles), decreasing oil production, and killing bacteria causing acne.
    • Exfoliation: It removes dead skin cells, revealing smoother, healthier-looking skin.
    • Even Skin Tone: Salicylic peel treatment helps in reducing pigmentation and achieving an even skin tone.
    • Oil Control: It helps in controlling excess oil production, making it suitable for oily and acne-prone skin.


    Salicylic Peel Treatment Procedure:


    • Thorough Skin Examination: Our expert dermatologist conducts a thorough examination of your skin to assess its condition and determine the most suitable treatment plan.
    • Skin Cleansing: Your skin is cleansed with a gentle cleanser to remove makeup and dirt, ensuring a clean surface for the peel.
    • Peel Application: The salicylic peel solution is gently applied to your skin in specific directions, ensuring even coverage. The number of coats and application time depend on your skin condition and the percentage of the peel used.
    • Unique Neutralization Process: We employ a unique method of full neutralization of the peel using a cold paper mask to uniformly cool the treated areas. This helps to soothe the skin and enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.
    • Sunscreen Application: Following the peel, a broad-spectrum sunscreen is applied to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and prevent sun damage.


    Pre-care Routine


    Before your salicylic peel treatment, follow these pre-care instructions:

    • Stop Using Actives: Discontinue the use of active ingredients like retinol, AHA (alpha hydroxy acids), and vitamin C products at least 24 hours before the procedure. These ingredients can increase skin sensitivity and may cause irritation during the peel.
    • Avoid Shaving: Refrain from shaving your face at least 24 hours before the procedure. Shaving can cause irritation to the skin, making it more sensitive during the peel treatment.

    Aftercare and Recovery


    • Gentle Cleanse: Cleanse your skin gently with a mild cleanser to remove any residue or peeling skin. Avoid scrubbing or using harsh products that may irritate the skin.
    • Moisturize: Apply a gentle moisturizer to hydrate and soothe the skin. Choose a non-comedogenic formula to prevent clogging pores.
    • Avoid Steam: Refrain from steam treatments for at least a week after the peel, as steam can exacerbate skin sensitivity and irritation.
    • Sun Protection: Protect your skin from sun exposure by avoiding prolonged sun exposure and wearing protective clothing, such as hats and sunglasses. Always apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 15, 20 minutes before going outside. Reapply sunscreen every two hours, especially if you’re swimming or sweating.


    Is Salicylic Peel Treatment Right for You?


    Salicylic peel treatment is suitable for most skin types, especially oily and acne-prone skin. However, it may not be suitable for individuals with certain skin conditions or sensitivities. Our dermatologist will assess your skin and determine if this treatment is right for you.


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    Transform your skin and boost your confidence with salicylic peel treatment at Dr. Avanti’s Skin Clinic in Pune. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards radiant, flawless skin.



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      Frequently Asked Questions About

      Salicylic Acid Peel Treatment

      What is Salicylic Peel Treatment?
      A salicylic peel is a cosmetic procedure in which a chemical solution containing salicylic acid is applied to the skin to exfoliate dead skin cells and promote skin rejuvenation.
      Which skin types is this treatment suitable for?
      Salicylic chemical peel treatments are suitable for all skin types.
      Which conditions are treated with salicylic chemical peel treatments?
      Salicylic peels effectively treat acne, clogged pores, and body acne.
      Are results quick?
      Some improvement may be seen after the first session of a salicylic acid peel treatment, but results vary from patient to patient.
      Results are visible after how many sessions?
      Improvement is typically noticed after the first session of salicylic peels. Generally, 2 to 3 initial treatments, spaced about 2-3 weeks apart, are required to see significant improvements.
      What should be the frequency?
      The salicylic chemical peel treatment frequency depends on the concern and severity, but on average, sessions are scheduled every 15 days to a month.
      What age is best for salicylic peel treatment?
      It can be advised after skin analysis and detailed consultation with the doctor.
      Is there any downtime?
      Mild redness can be seen post-treatment.
      Who should avoid Salicylic Peels?
      Pregnant women and lactating women should avoid getting a salicylic peel treatment near me