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    Wrinkle Treatment in Pune

    Wrinkles are the natural signs of aging that appear on our skin over time. However, with advancements in cosmetic dermatology, there are various treatments available to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and restore a more youthful look. At our clinic in Pune, we offer a range of wrinkle treatments tailored to your individual needs and concerns.

    Treatment Options for Wrinkle Treatment in Pune

    1. Skin Creams and Gels: Creams and gels containing antioxidants like Vitamin C and retinoids help reduce fine lines and protect against sun damage.
    2. Non-Invasive Face Lift (Apollo Duet®): Utilizes radio frequency and electroporation to tighten and rejuvenate the skin, promoting collagen production and reducing wrinkles.
    3. Chemical Peels: Improve skin texture and reduce wrinkles by removing damaged outer skin layers. Different types of peels are available based on your skin’s needs.
    4. Dermal Filler Injections: Fillers plump up the skin, reducing deep wrinkles and fine lines. Results can last from 8 months to 2 years.
    5. Botulinum Toxin Injections (Botox®): Relax facial muscles to smooth out wrinkles. Results typically last 3 to 4 months.
    6. Yuskin Growth Factor Concentrate ® (GFC) Therapy: Boosts collagen production, repairing wrinkles and improving skin quality.

    Cost of of Wrinkle Treatment in Pune

    Cost ranges from ₹3,000 to ₹30,000 depending on the treatment opted. Total number of sessions varies based on treatment, age, skin concern, and health.

    Benefits of Wrinkle Treatment

    • Reduces Signs of Aging
    • Enhances Skin Tightening
    • Boosts Collagen
    • Boosts Confidence

    Technology Used for Wrinkle Treatment

    Apollo Duet®: US FDA Approved technology.

    Aftercare Routine

    • Avoid rubbing or massaging treated areas for the next 24 hours.
    • Refrain from exercise for 24 hours.
    • Regular follow-ups with our doctors.

    Pre-care Routine

    • Avoid aspirin, blood thinners, and narcotic drugs 48-72 hours before treatment.
    • Avoid alcohol and caffeine before treatment.
    • Avoid heavy makeup products before the procedure.
    • Check with your doctor for any required blood tests before your appointment.

    Is It Right for You?

    Wrinkle treatment options are suitable for individuals looking to reduce signs of aging, tighten skin, boost collagen, and enhance their confidence. If you’re bothered by wrinkles and want to rejuvenate your appearance, these treatments may be right for you.

    Schedule a Consultation

    To determine the best wrinkle treatment plan for your specific needs, schedule a consultation with our expert professionals. During the consultation, we’ll assess your skin condition, discuss your goals, and recommend the most suitable treatment options tailored to you. Contact us today to book your appointment and start your journey to smoother, youthful-looking skin.



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      Your Skin's Story in Before and After

      Discover the transformative magic at Avanti’s Skin and Laser Clinic in Pune. Before your session, discuss personalized goals with our experts. During, experience cutting-edge treatments tailored to your needs. After, witness subtle yet powerful changes that redefine your radiance. Our before and after sessions capture the essence of confidence and beauty. Trust us to bring out the best in your skin, ensuring a journey that goes beyond the session.
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      Frequently Asked Questions About

      Wrinkle Treatment in Pune

      What is Wrinkle Treatment?
      Wrinkle treatment involves procedures that help relax muscles, increase collagen and elastin production, and create a rejuvenated appearance, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
      Which skin types does this treatment suit?
      Wrinkle treatment is suitable for all skin types.
      Which conditions are treated with this treatment?
      Wrinkle treatment is effective for treating fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, crow's feet, smile lines, and loose skin.
      Are quick results expected?
      No, results may not be immediate. The timeframe for visible results varies based on factors such as the concern, age, and treatment chosen. Some treatments may show results after just one session.
      Results are visible after how many sessions?
      The number of sessions required depends on the concern, age, and treatment opted for. While some treatments may show results after one session, others may require multiple sessions.
      What should be the frequency for treatment?
      Treatment frequency depends on the specific treatment chosen and other individual factors. Our dermatologists will recommend the appropriate frequency during your consultation.
      What age is best for this treatment?
      Wrinkle treatment is suitable for individuals aged 21 and above.
      Is there any downtime?
      There is little to no downtime associated with wrinkle treatment. Most individuals can resume their normal activities immediately after treatment.
      Which candidates can't undergo Wrinkle treatment?
      Pregnant and lactating women should avoid wrinkle treatment until after pregnancy and breastfeeding.