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Medicated Facial 
Treatment in Pune

Facials in salons are a highly common practice in Indian families. People get facials to rejuvenate their skin, make it more beautiful, and enjoy a calming relaxing facial massage.
Are these salon facials, however, doing more damage than good? They are, as it turns out!

So, how can you produce a long-lasting glow? The Medi-Facial comes to the rescue!

Avanti's Skin and Laser Clinic is the best for medicated Facial in Aundh, Baner, Balewadi, Sangvi, Pashan,and other areas of Pune.

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Best MediFacial Treatment in Aundh, Baner, Pune

Your Skin Needs To Be Repaired, Balanced, Hydrated, And Nourished

As a cosmetic routine, most of us choose monthly facials to rejuvenate our skin. These salon facials, on the other hand, use harsh chemicals and bleaches that provide only transitory benefits and do more harm than good to our skin. Continue reading to learn the best way to achieve beautiful and revitalized skin!

We all want our skin to seem younger and brighter. So, are salon facials more harmful than beneficial? Yes, it is a resounding yes! We use skin-friendly ingredients that have been medically proven to aid the skin in the long term, using modern technology and professional supervision.

Serving Areas

Medicated Facial in Aundh | Medicated Facial in Sangvi | Medicated Facial in Pashan | Medicated Facial Near Wakad | Medicated Facial in Pimple Nilakh | Medicated Facial in Baner | Medicated Facial in  Balewadi | Medicated Facial in Pune | Medicated Facial in PCMC | Medicated Facial in Hinjewadi

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