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    What is Tattoo Removal?

    Tattoo removal is a procedure of removing ink pigments from the skin. Using a variety of techniques, tattoo pigments are broken down and gradually faded. In all, it is a cosmetic procedure that enables people to change the appearance of their tattoos or get rid of them completely. 

    Whether it’s a symbol of personal significance or a piece of art that resonates with us, we all feel the need to get inked at some point in our lives. The process of getting a tattoo may seem relatively straightforward, but it’s the journey of removing that ink from our bodies where complexities arise.

    Have you been wanting to reverse or modify the appearance of a previously inked design? We’ve got you covered with our laser treatment for a tattoo removal in Pune.

    Laser Tattoo Removal Cost in Pune

    At Avanti Skin Clinic, the tattoo removal cost pune starts at ₹1,000 per inch per session. The pricing is determined based on factors like the color of the tattoo, its size, depth & the number of sessions required for desired fading through our advanced permanent tattoo removal methods. 

    Reasons to Consider a Permanent Tattoo Removal in Pune

    • Embrace Change: Consider permanent tattoo removal in Pune as an invitation to embrace change in your life journey. It’s like shedding an old skin to make room for a brand-new you.
    • Undo Unwanted Ink: With permanent tattoo removal, it’s like editing a chapter that no longer resonates with you.
    • Personal Canvas Redefined: Imagine your skin as a canvas awaiting a fresh exhibit with permanent tattoo removal in Pune—creating space for new tales, symbols, and artistic expressions.

    Ready to take the first step towards a tattoo-free you? Book your consultation for a laster treatment to remove tattoo near me today!

    Procedure for Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

    The tattoo removal in Pune at Avanti Skin Clinic involves a simple 4-step process:

    • Cleaning – The area is cleaned thoroughly. Our specialists ensure a clean canvas for effective treatment.
    • Numbing – A numbing cream is applied to minimize sensation during the procedure, ensuring comfort. 
    • Precision Laser Shots – Our skilled technicians employ precise laser shots for targeted and efficient treatment.
    • Post-Treatment Care – Comprehensive guidance and care instructions are provided to support optimal healing and results.

    Preparation Required

    Getting ready for permanent tattoo removal in Pune is pretty straightforward. However, it’s advisable:

    • Refrain from consuming alcohol or blood-thinning medications that can increase skin sensitivity in the days leading up to the procedure
    • Before your tattoo removal session, make sure to trim any hair in the target area of your skin. This helps the treatment to be precise and gives the best results.
    • Inform your practitioner of any allergies, medications, or supplements.

    After Care Required for a Laser Tattoo Removal in Pune

    The ideal aftercare following each permanent tattoo removal treatment in Pune is:

    • Clean the treated area twice a day, apply some antibiotic cream, and avoid direct sun exposure. Opt for loose, breathable clothing to prevent irritation and infection. 
    • Stay hydrated, and most importantly, let it be – give it at least 48 hours to heal. 
    • Don’t forget those follow-up visits; they’re crucial for us to ensure your skin is healing as it should be.

    Risks & Side Effects of Laser Tattoo Treatment

    While generally safe, some common side effects may include redness, swelling, and temporary discomfort at the treatment site. In rare cases, scarring or changes in skin pigmentation may occur. It’s essential to follow proper aftercare instructions to minimize these risks after getting a laser tattoo removal near me. 

    Why Choose Avanti Skin Clinic for Permanent Tattoo Removal?

    • Approved Equipment: Assured security with our equipment approved by the US-FDA, ensuring safety and effectiveness.
    • State-of-the-art Q-Switched Lasers: Experience the latest in technology for a more youthful and rejuvenated skin.
    • Established Protocols: Ensuring a standardized and effective approach to every procedure.
    • Personalized Patient Care: Tailored treatments to meet the unique needs of each individual.

    Details of Booking a Consultation with Dr. Avanti

    Embark on a journey for a  tattoo removal near me by scheduling an affordable consultation with Dr. Avanti, where quality skincare meets budget-friendly options for an unparalleled experience. If you’re in search of an affordable tattoo removal Pune, book a consultation to explore personalized solutions tailored to your laser needs for a tattoo removal treatment in Pune.

    Scheduling is easy; choose the method that suits you best:

    1. Give us a call at +91 8010840653.
    2. Reach out on WhatsApp for swift assistance.
    3. Fill out the form, and expect a prompt callback.

    Let us guide you towards a tattoo removal treatment in Pune that suits your preferences.

    Do you have a tattoo that you now regret or want to be removed? Avanti's Skin & Laser Clinic offers fast, effective, affordable, and best tattoo removal in Pune using advanced laser technology. Our skilled dermatologists customize your tattoo removal in Pune treatments based on the age, color, and size of your unwanted ink using methods that protect the surrounding skin.

    Multiple laser options like the state-of-the-art Astanza Trinity and PicoWay Resolve systems allow us to treat all tattoo colors and types gradually, typically over 6-12 sessions. Treatments are spaced 4-6 weeks apart for safe, optimal tattoo removal near me results so the body can absorb and shed the shattered pigment between sessions.

    Backed by years of experience, our staff guides you through tattoo removal in Pune process, explaining methods, costs, aftercare, and what to expect realistically. Rediscover confident, clear skin again through Avanti's tattoo removal near me services in Pune. Contact our clinic today for a tattoo removal in Pune consultation.




      Can permanent tattoo be removed?

      Yes, permanent tattoos can be removed. Although the effectiveness of the removal process may vary based on factors like tattoo size, color, and the type of ink used. 

      How to remove permanent tattoo?

      Permanent tattoos can be removed through various methods such as laser tattoo removal, surgical excision, dermabrasion or topical creams. Consulting with a qualified dermatologist or tattoo removal specialist is crucial to determine the most suitable method based on your tattoo’s characteristics and your skin type.

      How much does tattoo removal cost in pune?

      At Avanti Skin Clinic, the tattoo removal cost Pune starts at ₹1,000 per inch per session. The cost of tattoo removal in Pune can vary based on factors such as the size, color, and type of tattoo, as well as the method chosen for removal. 

      Does tattoo removal leave a scar?

      Tattoo removal, when performed by professionals using advanced methods and proper aftercare, generally does not leave a scar. In the hands of experts like those at Avanti Skin Clinic, a tattoo removal clinic near me, handling tattoo removal in controlled settings in Pune typically does not result in scarring or permanent marks, provided adequate aftercare is diligently followed between sessions.

      Is tattoo removal safe?

      When conducted with experience, tattoo removal is exceptionally safe, with minimal side effects. For a laser tattoo removal Pune at Avanti Skin Clinic, the latest Q-Switched lasers are used & to tailor settings to your skin sensitivity, a test patch is performed, ensuring a customized and well-monitored procedure.

      Does tattoo removal hurt?

      While individual pain tolerance varies, laser tattoo removal can cause some discomfort. Most people describe the sensation as similar to the snapping of a rubber band against the skin. However the use of numbing creams, help minimize the discomfort. It’s advisable to discuss pain management options with the specialist at Dr. Avanti’s tattoo removal center near me before the procedure.

      Can a tattoo be removed in one session?

      In most cases, complete tattoo removal typically requires multiple sessions. The number of sessions depends on various factors, including the size, color, type of ink, and the depth of the tattoo. While some tattoos may show significant fading after one session, achieving complete removal often necessitates several sessions to effectively break down and eliminate the tattoo ink.

      Can you donate blood after laser tattoo removal?

      You can donate blood after laser tattoo removal once your skin has healed. Although it’s recommended to check with the specific blood donation center or organization for their guidelines on post-tattoo removal blood donation.


      Reveal the Difference: Your Skin's Story in Before and After at Our Skin Clinic in Pune

      Your Skin's Story in Before and After

      Discover the transformative magic at Avanti’s Skin and Laser Clinic in Pune. Before your session, discuss personalized goals with our experts. During, experience cutting-edge treatments tailored to your needs. After, witness subtle yet powerful changes that redefine your radiance. Our before and after sessions capture the essence of confidence and beauty. Trust us to bring out the best in your skin, ensuring a journey that goes beyond the session.
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      Frequently Asked Quesitions

      What Is This Tattoo Removal in Pune?
      Avanti's Laser Tattoo Removal in Pune uses advanced laser technology to break up the tattoo ink in the skin, allowing the body to flush it out over time naturally. It's an effective way to remove unwanted tattoos safely and permanently.
      Avanti's Laser Tattoo Removal in Pune Suits Which Skin Types?
      Avanti's advanced Q-Switched lasers used for tattoo removal can safely treat all skin types in Pune, from fair to dark complexions. The treatments are customized during the consultation to suit each patient's unique skin tone and tattoo.
      Which Challenges Are Solved with Permanent Tattoo Removal in Pune?
      Unwanted tattoos in awkward places or with ex-partner's names can cause emotional distress. Avanti's permanent tattoo removal in Pune uses laser technology to fade and remove these regrettable tattoos safely.
      Why Is Avanti's Skin Clinic Considered the Best Tattoo Removal Clinic in Pune?
      With 3+ years of experience, acclaimed dermatologists, advanced Q-Switched lasers, proven protocols, customized plans, and excellent results, Avanti's is regarded as the most trusted, effective, and best tattoo removal clinic in Pune.
      Does Your Permanent Tattoo Removal in Pune Offer Quick Results?
      While Avanti employs the latest laser technology for safe, effective tattoo removal in Pune, multiple sessions are required for complete removal. Quick fixes aren't realistic, but we provide transparent guidelines on realistic timeframes.
      Tattoo Removal Treatment Results Are Visible After How Many Sessions?
      The number of sessions needed for tattoo removal in Pune varies per patient. Still, initial fading and lightening of the tattoo are usually visible after 3-4 sessions done in monthly intervals at Avanti's clinic.
      What Should Be the Frequency of Tattoo Removal Treatment in Pune?
      The standard protocol for safe and effective laser tattoo removal in Pune is to have sessions every 4-6 weeks. This allows sufficient time between appointments for the skin to heal before continuing the breaking down of stubborn tattoo ink.
      What Age Is Best for Laser Tattoo Removal in Pune?
      Avanti's doctors recommend waiting until age 20 for laser tattoo removal treatments in Pune when the skin has better elasticity. However, there is no upper age limit, and older patients can achieve great removal results over time.
      Is There Any Downtime at Your Permanent Tattoo Removal Clinic in Pune?
      There can be some redness and scabbing after laser tattoo removal sessions at Avanti's clinic in Pune, which typically settles within 24-48 hours. Besides avoiding sun exposure, normal activities can be resumed once sensitivity subsides.
      Can Tattoos Be 100% Removed?
      While complete tattoo removal depends on the size, location, age, and color of the tattoo, Avanti's advanced laser treatments can remove tattoos in Pune with over 95% clearance in most cases with enough dedicated laser sessions.
      Is Tattoo Removal Safe in Pune?
      When performed by Avanti's experienced doctors using the latest Q-Switched lasers, tattoo removal in Pune is extremely safe with minimal side effects. A test patch is done to customize settings to your skin sensitivity.
      Is It Painful to Remove a Tattoo?
      Some mild discomfort may be felt during laser tattoo removal in Pune, which topical anesthetics make more bearable. The laser pulses feel like elastic bands snapping on the skin, but the sessions are tolerable for most patients.
      Which Tattoos Cannot Be Removed?
      While most tattoos can show good reduction with laser removal, those with certain difficult pigments (purple, aqua) or done too superficially may need to be clarified completely. Avanti's doctors will advise on expectations during Pune consultations.
      Does Tattoo Removal Leave Scars?
      In expert hands like Avanti's, handly tattoo removal in controlled settings generally does not cause scarring or permanent marks in Pune when adequate aftercare is followed between sessions.
      Does Tattoo Removal Cream Work?
      No commercially available creams can remove tattoos effectively. Laser treatments penetrate the skin deeper to target ink particles - a must for safe, permanent tattoo fading without skin damage, which creams cannot match.
      How Can I Remove My Tattoo Permanently?
      Laser tattoo removal performed by expert dermatologists at facilities like Avanti's Skin Clinic is the only proven, safe method for complete, permanent tattoo removal in Pune with high clearance rates and no scarring or marks left.
      Are Older Tattoos Easier to Remove?
      Yes, generally, the older a tattoo is before undergoing laser removal in Pune, the easier it is for fading and clearing with each successive session for two reasons - either some natural dissipation of ink over time or skin changes.
      How Much Does It Cost to Remove a 2-Inch Tattoo?
      At leading facilities like Avanti's, typical pricing to remove a standard 2-inch-sized tattoo in Pune using advanced laser technology would cost approximately Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 15,000 - varying on location, color, and number of sessions needed.