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    Mesotherapy is an advanced anti-aging skin treatment that delivers youth-restoring ingredients deep into the skin through painless injections. At Avanti's Skin and Laser Clinic, our dermatology experts provide customized mesotherapy for Skin in Pune using a specialized meso gun with microneedles.

    The personalized skin-nourishing serums and vitamins infused through mesotherapy can treat various signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, sun damage, etc., as well as other facial skin concerns like acne, enlarged pores, and uneven tone. Throughout 4-6 sessions, mesotherapy for face in Pune improves skin elasticity, evens texture, and induces brighter and firmer facial contours.

    We also combine mesotherapy with other skin treatments like hyaluronic acid fillers, pixel lasers, skin boosters, etc., for enhanced, synergistic effects. Our staff ensures maximum comfort and safety during the non-invasive mesotherapy for Skin in Pune procedure. The affordable mesotherapy cost in Pune makes it a value-for-money anti-aging skin treatment for those wanting visible improvements without downtime or surgery. Book a consultation for mesotherapy for face in Pune with Dr. Avanti Pedamkar at Avanti's Clinic to learn more about how mesotherapy can benefit your facial skin.

    What Are Different Options for Mesotherapy for Skin Treatment in Pune?

    Mesotherapy for Skin in Pune employs microscopic injections of rejuvenating compounds customized per the skin type and concerns. Treatment options include:

    1. Microneedling Mesotherapy: Uses an advanced meso pen profiler with sterile microneedles to deliver serums deeper into skin layers, enhancing absorption precisely. It also creates minute injuries that stimulate collagen production.
    2. Electroporation Mesotherapy: Combines short electric pulses with mesotherapy injections that temporarily expand cell membranes and open pores to maximize serums like hyaluronic acid uptake. Improves results.
    3. Laser Mesotherapy: Incorporates phototherapy using Low-level Laser Light along with mesotherapy injections. The non-thermal laser light increases cellular metabolism and blood flow before nutrient compounds are infused via mesogun. It provides skin tightening while reversing aging.
    4. PRP Mesotherapy: Leverages patient’s own Platelet-Rich Plasma, which is rich in growth factors combined with mesotherapy injections for amplified rejuvenation and natural-looking enhancement. Suitable for treating acne scars, fine lines, etc.

    Our dermatology experts will recommend the ideal mesotherapy skin treatment in Pune tailored to your skin’s needs after examination.

    What Is the Stepwise Procedure for Mesotherapy for Face in Pune?

    Discover the art and science behind Mesotherapy for the face in Pune with our comprehensive step-by-step guide. From consultation to the final glow, unravel the intricacies of this rejuvenating procedure. Elevate your understanding and embark on a journey towards radiant skin in the cultural hub of Pune. The step-by-step process for mesotherapy facial treatment is as follows:

    1. Cleansing: Removing makeup, oils, and impurities from facial skin to prepare it for treatment
    2. Depigmentation (optional): Application of glycolic acid or kojic acid for 20 mins before reducing pigmentation
    3. Anesthetizing: Using a specialized numbing cream for 15-20 minutes to make the area insensitive to injections
    4. Mesoinjections: Our dermatologist administers a series of mesotherapy injections containing customized skin solutions using a sterile mesogun device.
    5. Massage: Gentle facial massage ensures proper distribution and absorption of injected nutrients
    6. Sun Protection: Strict application of broad-spectrum sunscreen post-treatment as mandatory aftercare

    We ensure patient comfort, safety, and efficacy throughout the mesotherapy procedure in Pune to reveal brighter, youthful skin.


      What Are the Mesotherapy Benefits in Pune?

      Mesotherapy injections offer a multitude of skin enhancement benefits:

      1. Deep Hydration: Infusion of hyaluronic acid through mesotherapy injections provides intense nourishment, rehydrates facial skin, and tightens it by holding moisture.
      2. Skin Regeneration: Adding amino acids, glutathione, and collagen compounds triggers fibroblast activity, leading to newer, denser, and youthful skin by rebuilding connective tissue.
      3. Photo-protection: Mesotherapy facilitates the absorption of antioxidants like Vitamin C and glutathione that limit UVA/UVB damage pigmentation, thereby improving skin radiance.
      4. Anti-aging: Key compounds in the injection solution, like polynucleotides, restore elasticity, suppleness, and plumpness. Enjoy brighter, unlined skin.
      5. Acne Reduction: Infused vitamins and minerals curb excessive sebum production and inflammation, giving an acne-free, clearer skin.
      6. Improves Scars: Glutathione and collagen drive cell turnover to fade superficial scars.

      With 3-4 mesotherapy treatment sessions, one can safely achieve beautiful skin with no makeup.

      Any Special Product Used to Deliver Mesotherapy for Skin in Pune?

      Yes, we use technologically advanced products like Dermapen 4. It is an electrically controlled mesogun from Australia with adjustable needle depth and vertical stamps up to 100 times per second for uniform delivery. Our skin specialists will recommend the most appropriate device based on treatment areas for a customized and comfortable mesotherapy experience.

      How Safe Is Mesotherapy for Skin in Pune with Avanti’s Skin Clinic?

      Mesotherapy for face in Pune is safe at Dr. Avanti’s under expert supervision. We undertake rigorous international safety standards encompassing:

      1. Sterilized Equipment
      2. New disposable needles for every patient
      3. Biocompatible injection solutions
      4. Stringent on-site sterility practices
      5. High-precision devices with controlled infusion rates prevent over-injection
      6. Experienced aestheticians trained in uniformly administering customized mesoinjections

      Rest assured, your skin rejuvenation experience will be safe and comfortable at our clinic.

      How Many Total Sessions Are Needed in Mesotherapy for Face in Pune?

      For visible improvements in facial skin texture and to reduce wrinkles, acne, scars, and pigmentation through mesotherapy treatments in Pune, typically, 4 to 6 sessions are needed, spaced 2 to 3 weeks apart. After that, maintenance sessions every 6 months help sustain the youthful glow and age-defying effects.

      What Is the Mesotherapy Cost in Pune for Skin Improvement?

      The overall mesotherapy cost in Pune varies depending on the number of skin treatments needed, the type of rejuvenating serums used, and the number of sessions. During the initial consultation, our dermatologists thoroughly examine your facial skin and suggest customized solutions to address your concerns like acne, scars, pigmentation, anti-aging, etc. After that, we provide cost estimates depending on the skin improvement goals and your budget. Choose our clinic for transparent, upfront pricing and value-based mesotherapy skin packages for complete rejuvenation.

      Is There Any Recommended Aftercare Routine for Mesotherapy for Skin in Pune?

      There are certain post-procedure precautions needed after undergoing mesotherapy for face in Pune:

      • Use the antiseptic toner regularly as prescribed to enable healing and avoid infection.
      • Apply broad-spectrum sunscreen daily is vital for skin protection post-treatment
      • Avoid hot showers, saunas, swimming, or any heat/sweating activities for 72 hours so serums can properly assimilate within the skin.
      • Avoid facial massages, waxing, or bleaching procedures for 4-5 days post mesotherapy.
      • Limit consumption of alcohol or high-sodium foods for 48 hours.
      • Gentle cleansing only after 24 hours with non-oily cleansers. Our aestheticians will provide custom mesotherapy aftercare guidelines to ensure proper recovery and boost treatment effectiveness.

      What Is the Precare Routine for Mesotherapy for Skin in Pune?

      To prepare skin optimally before mesotherapy for face in Pune, we recommend the following:

      • Avoiding blood-thinning medications like aspirin and anticoagulants for 3 days pre-treatment
      • Stopping Retinoid creams 2-3 days beforehand
      • Not consuming alcohol or caffeinated beverages at least 24 hours before the mesotherapy session.
      • Getting any advised blood tests or assessments done Additionally, our dermatologist may suggest discontinuing certain acne medications temporarily before mesotherapy, depending on your skincare routine and products. Do discuss your overall health, medications, etc., at consultation.


      Reveal the Difference: Your Skin's Story in Before and After at Our Skin Clinic in Pune

      Your Skin's Story in Before and After

      Discover the transformative magic at Avanti’s Skin and Laser Clinic in Pune. Before your session, discuss personalized goals with our experts. During, experience cutting-edge treatments tailored to your needs. After, witness subtle yet powerful changes that redefine your radiance. Our before and after sessions capture the essence of confidence and beauty. Trust us to bring out the best in your skin, ensuring a journey that goes beyond the session.
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      Frequently Asked Quesitions

      What Is Mesotherapy for Skin in Pune?
      Mesotherapy for skin in Pune is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that involves injecting a customized cocktail of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and medications into the mesoderm or middle layer of the skin using microinjections to rejuvenate the skin cells and tissues from inside out. It boosts hydration, evens skin tone, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, tightens saggy skin, and refreshes dull complexion.
      Mesotherapy for Skin in Pune is Suitable to Which Skin Types?
      Mesotherapy for skin in Pune is suitable for all skin types, including normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive skin. The mesotherapy injections in Pune can be customized as per individual skin needs with different ingredient cocktails. So, people of any skin type can avail mesotherapy benefits in Pune for issues like anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, glow enhancement, etc. Many avail mesotherapy for melasma in Pune and mesotherapy for dark circles in Pune at Avanti's skin clinic.
      Which Conditions Are Treated with Mesotherapy for Face in Pune?
      Mesotherapy for the face in Pune is used to treat various skin conditions on the face like wrinkles, fine lines, dull-looking skin, hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne, loss of elasticity, glow and luster, cellulite, stretch marks under the eyes, etc. Mesotherapy face before and after in Pune shows remarkable improvements in these facial skin issues.
      Are Quick Results Possible with Mesotherapy for Skin in Pune?
      Yes, quick results are possible with mesotherapy for skin in Pune. Results will show up from 3-4 days after the mesotherapy procedure and will continue to improve throughout the mesotherapy treatment. Some visible changes, like glowing and hydrated skin, can be seen immediately. The mesotherapy cost in Pune is also reasonable.
      Results Are Visible After How Many Mesotherapy Sessions in Pune?
      Results of mesotherapy injections in Pune are visible right from the 1st session in the form of hydrated, softer, and brighter skin. However, final results vary from person to person depending on individual skin conditions, type of ingredients used, lifestyle factors, etc. But overall, a course of 4-6 sessions (1 every 2-3 weeks) is recommended to see significantly improved skin quality with needleless mesotherapy in Pune.
      What Should Be the Frequency of Mesotherapy for Face in Pune?
      The frequency of mesotherapy for the face in Pune is once every 2-3 weeks. A course of 4 treatments (1 every 3 weeks) is recommended by experts to improve the facial skin noticeably. Maintenance sessions can be taken once in 6 months after finishing the course.
      At What Age Is Mesotherapy for Face in Pune Best?
      Mesotherapy treatment can be taken at any age above 20 years for face rejuvenation in Pune. Mesotherapy before and after in Pune shows that revitalizing aging skin improves skin health for younger age groups. So mesotherapy for the face is equally beneficial for people in the 20s, 30s, and 40+ age groups.
      Is There Any Downtime with Mesotherapy for Skin in Pune?
      There is no major downtime associated with mesotherapy for skin in Pune. Your face may look and feel red post-treatment, but doctors can apply mineral foundation to cover it up if you need to resume work immediately. The redness subsides within 48 hours in most cases.
      Is Mesotherapy for Skin in Pune Good for the Skin?
      Yes, mesotherapy is very good for treating various skin conditions and improving overall skin health and quality in Pune. The essential skin nutrients and antioxidants delivered through the mesotherapy injections in Pune rejuvenate the skin, hydrate it, reduce pigmentation and acne, tighten saggy areas, etc. Mesotherapy benefits the skin both externally and internally. We offer mesotherapy for melasma in Pune and mesotherapy for dark circles in Pune.
      Is Mesotherapy in Pune Expensive?
      No, mesotherapy in Pune is not very expensive. The mesotherapy cost in Pune is quite affordable and reasonable compared to many other cosmetic procedures. On average, one session of mesotherapy for face cost in Pune is between Rs.2000 and Rs.3500 based on the areas being treated, type of ingredients used, brand of injectables, experience of the practitioner, etc. Many good clinics offer packages with discounts on a course of 4-6 mesotherapy sessions, making it even more budget-friendly.
      Does Mesotherapy for Face in Pune Lift Face?
      Yes, mesotherapy for the face in Pune lifts and tightens saggy facial skin to some extent when done properly. The nutrient-rich mesotherapy injections in Pune stimulate collagen and elastin production, which helps to firm up facial skin and muscles, leading to a subtle lifting effect. Saggy cheeks, jawline, chin, etc, show noticeable tightening and contour correction after 4-5 sessions of mesotherapy for the face in Pune.
      Which Is Better: PRP Facial or Mesotherapy for Face in Pune?
      Both PRP facial and mesotherapy offer facial rejuvenation but have some differences. Mesotherapy infuses a customized skin cocktail into the skin, whereas PRP uses the body's growth factors. While PRP addresses deeper dermal layers, mesotherapy targets epidermal nourishment. Mesotherapy is less expensive, but PRP shows longer-lasting results for issues like acne scars, deep lines, etc. So, the choice depends on individual skin goals and budget. Overall, mesotherapy gives better results for glow and texture, whereas PRP is better for sagging.
      Will Mesotherapy Injections in Pune Tighten Skin?
      Yes, mesotherapy injections in Pune will tighten and firm loose, saggy skin to a moderate level. The skin tightening with needleless mesotherapy in Pune is gradual throughout 5-6 sessions as the ingredients stimulate collagen regeneration deep within. Skin starts feeling firmer and tighter within 2-3 sessions itself. Problem areas like loose necks, arms, and abdominal skin show visible lift with mesotherapy in Pune, especially when combined with radiofrequency.