BB Glow Treatment

Ready to Get Your Dream Look?

    The BB Glow procedure has become a global trend. You can learn all about it right here!

    We have a new trend on our wishlist, the BB glow treatment, in light of all the odd beauty trends that are now spreading the world. What more could you want for if the BB glow treatment gave you a no-makeup cosmetic finish for weeks at a time?

    A minimally invasive non-surgical method is the BB glow therapy. Applying a very effective coloured pigment to the skin requires the use of a nano- or microneedle. It supports collagen formation and skin regrowth. The BB glow serum gives your skin the color you choose while also delivering nutrients.

    Deep Cleanse

    To assist in removing oil and dirt from the layer of your skin, a cleanser will be selected based on your skin type.


    In order to continue the treatment, an exfoliating gel is administered to gently clean the pores and remove dead skin cells.


    A toner is applied to the skin to hydrate it and restore the pH balance that is necessary for healthy skin.

    Booster Serum

    To enhance the results of the BB Glow face mask, a booster serum is created specifically for your skin’s requirements (How To Find Your Skin Type) and applied using microneedling.

    BB Glow Serum

    A BB Glow serum is chosen according to your preferred skin shade and shall be infused utilizing the micro-needling technology.

    LED Luxe Mask

    A moisturizing mask is applied over the BB Glow serum to guarantee that it doesn’t dry out while giving hydrating and calming effects to your skin.

    What Are the Advantages of a BB Glow?

    • It provides you with a no-makeup makeup appearance for 1-2 months.

    • It can be customized to every skin type and color.

    • It provides you with an instantly glowing and radiant complexion.

    • It moisturizes the skin.

    • It minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.

    • It minimizes dark under-eye circles.

    • It decreases the visibility of blackheads and pores.

    • It evens out imperfections and discolouration in the skin’s texture.

    • It decreases the visible melanin content in the skin before and after UV exposure.

    • It conceals redness (rosacea) and damaged capillaries.

    Why Avanti’s Skin and Laser Clinic in Aundh, Pune for BB Glow Treatment?

    Here are some of the benefits of choosing Dr. Avanti Pedamkar for BB Glow Treatment in Pune.

    Avanti’s Skin and Laser Clinic in Aundh Pune is an experienced skin specialist in Aundh Pune.

    Lady dermatologist with US-FDA approved equipment and treatment methods.

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